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Today we are here to discuss NU Corona Vaccine Registration. It is now important for National University students to get the corona vaccine. If you are an NU student, you must take the corona vaccine. Because the corona vaccine is given to all teachers and students, all the branches of the National University will be opened. Therefore, everyone will take corona vaccine in their own interest.

All educational institutions across the country have been closed for a year and a half due to the corona virus. Recently the Ministry of Education has arranged Corona Vaccine for the students of the National University under the control of Covid. For this, the National University has to do Corona Vaccine Registration on its own side. We have uploaded the NU Corona Vaccine Registration link in this post. You can register from here.

NU Corona Vaccine Registration

National University students are undergoing NU Corona Vaccine Registration. If all the students are given Corona Vaccine, the institution will be opened. If you are a student at a national university, you will need to take the Corona Vaccine. And for this you have to do Corona Vaccine Registration first. The national university will not be opened if all the students are not given the corona vaccine as per the government guidelines. Therefore, you must register NU Corona Vaccine in your own interest. We will explain to you the rules of NU Corona Vaccine Registration through this post.

NU Covid 19 Registration Info

  • Purpose: Student information table for registration of Covid-19 vaccine
  • Institution: National University affiliated all colleges
  • Candidates: Students
  • Last Date: 19 July 2021 (Somoy Brridhi Kora Hoyece)
  • Application Type: Online
  • Website:, and

Currently, the most talked about topic among the students of national universities is Corona Vaccine. NU Corona Vaccine registration is now underway. As always, this time we want to inform you about the NU Corona Vaccine registration link. You may be wondering how to get Corona Vaccine.

How to register Corona Vaccine. To register for NU Corona Vaccine, you first need to go to Google’s search box and visit Then various instructions. In this post we will tell you all the details about how to register with the NU Corona Vaccine registration link.

NU CoronaVirus Vaccine Registration 2021 Website Link

In this episode we will discuss about NU CoronaVirus Vaccine Registration 2021 Website Link. You must know the link to register NU CoronaVirus Vaccine. If you do not know the link, you will not be able to register NU CoronaVirus Vaccine. Do not open the NU Vaccine Registration website Contact Email ( for web pages not opened, server problems or any information.

103.113 nu app covid 19 vaccine

In order to register NU Covid-19 vaccine visit web page. NU Vaccine Registration Website Link.

Then the web page (Student Covid Info) will ask you your Registration number for going next page. So, provide your registration number of NU and click on the Next button.

After that (if you have provided the correct registration number) you will be presented with your registration number and the name of your college and below will be some fields to fill in some information. E.g. Student’s Name, Father’s Name, Course Name, Session, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, National ID (NID), Covid-19 Vaccine taken info, Residential status.

Fill in all the information correctly. Re-verify all information. Then click the submit button. As a National University student, your NU Covid-19 Vaccine registration will be completed successfully.

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Instructions For 103.113 NU Covid Registration Form

Student’s Name: Enter your name (don’t misspell).

Father’s Name: Enter your Father’s name (don’t misspell).

Course Name: Enter your course name same as your NU admission registration card.

Session: Enter your session year same as your NU admission registration card.

Date of Birth: Select your Birth date like Day-Month-Year format.

Mobile Number: Enter the mobile number that you always have on or use. Because you can get all the information related to the Covid-19 vaccine on your mobile.

National ID (NID): Enter your National Identification Number (NID) number. (Voter ID Card Number).

Covid-19 Vaccine Taken Info: Have you previously applied for the Covid-19 vaccine through Surokkha website or elsewhere? If you have Covid vaccine token or have already been vaccinated, choose Yes or No from that option.

Residential Status: Select your residential status. Mention whether you live in a college residency.


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